Green Technologies for 5/6G Service-Based Architectures

The 6Green project

The 6Green project aims to conceive, design, and realize an innovative service-based and holistic ecosystem, able to extend “the communication infrastructure into a sustainable, interconnected, greener end-to-end intercompute system” and promote energy efficiency across the whole 5/6G value-chain.
The ultimate objective is to enable and to foster 5/6G networks and vertical applications reducing their carbon footprint by a factor of 10 or more.

To achieve this objective, the project will exploit and extend state-of-the-art cloud-native technologies and the B5G Service-Based Architecture with new cross-domain enablers to:

  • Boost the global ecosystem flexibility, scalability and sustainability, and

  • Enable all the 5/6G stakeholders (from the ones acting at the infrastructure and network platform to vertical industries) reducing their carbon footprint by becoming integral parts of a win-win green-economy business, and meeting a Decarbonization Service Agreement.

The 6Green intent-based cross-domain interactions among stakeholders will allow achieving a tight proportionality between the time-varying and geographically distributed mobile workload produced by vertical applications and network slices, and the energy/carbon footprint induced to the 5/6G network and computing infrastructure continuum.
6Green will provide stakeholders with flexible and green Artificial Intelligence mechanisms that will allow propagating the environment impact to any players acting on virtual domains, and triggering zero-touch operations according to customizable energy- and carbon-aware policies, allowing to optimally use renewable energy sources.
The project will also deliver three future-proof use-case applications that will provide a diverse awareness of the green capabilities of the 6Green platform, and that will demonstrate the potential 5/6G impact in enabling other vertical industry sectors to reach the carbon neutrality targeted by the European Green Deal.

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